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Progressive slot games

progressive jackpot

Any slot player will tell you, there is nothing like the sounds of coins dropping from a jackpot. This is the dream, the possible "life changing" moment when all your wishes can come true. Do you like sailing? Want a yacht? a Ferrari? Progressive slot games can get you all of that and more.

Choose your game and win BIG!!

Play progressive jackpot slot games online

Play jackpot slot games

Where to play?
Many online casinos have first deposit bonuses that will double your bankroll which gives you a better chance at hitting a jackpot, we have collected a list of the most recommended casinos for slot machine players. Every casino has different games and each game is unique.

This is why we suggest trying one of the free fun mode games above before depositing any cash. Once you find the right slot for you, you can always signup at any of our suggested casinos that offers that slot for real money playing and in a few minutes you could be winning an easy street life.

How to play?
Most progressive jackpot slot games are just like any other slot machines, you click "spin", the reels turn and aside from the regular pay lines you get a chance at the big prize.

Some jackpot games require a specific set of active pay lines and coins in order to be eligible for a shot at the jackpot but the in the more recent generation of progressive games like the famous Marvel slot games by playtech usually any bet will do.

Important TIP:
Don't forget to read the "info" of the game you choose to make sure what kind of betting you need to fulfill and only then start spinning. Some jackpot games need to be activated and other are available only once you get a certain combination of tiles and pay lines. Just trust us and read the info about the slot or our reviews.

types of progressive slots

progressive slot games

What is a jackpot?
In general a progressive jackpot is the sum of part of bets all made at one or several connected slot machines. In short, the jackpot operator take part of any bet made at the machines connected to that specific jackpot bets and you has a player have a chance to take all of it.

Of course, the chances of that happening are slim, but once you do, this is virtually a game changer. Take under consideration that the biggest advantage that online casinos have over the land based one is the fact that the internet makes it easier to manage thousands of connected progressive slot games in hundreds of online casinos that are all connected to a single, huge jackpot offer a

As briefly mentioned, there are several types of progressive jackpot in both land based and online casinos. We will try to name the main ones and specify whatever is needed for you to better understand your chances at each.

The lonely jackpot game:
This will refer to any single game offering a jackpot of any size, the importance is that it's a single game, for an online example try the gladiator jackpot slot game available only for real money.

Several in-house jackpot slots:
A group of slot games linked to the same jackpot but operated by a single casino. Since the online casino world is running mostly with 4 or 5 games providers it is hard to find this type of slots online, however 888 casino for example is running on its own software so there you could find these games.

A real progressive jackpot:
These games are the most common of all progressive jackpot slots online, these are a group of machines, operated by several online casinos and are all connected to same jackpot. A very fine example for type of progressive slots online is the famous marvel jackpot slot games series.

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