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Gladiator slot game - Play online for free

Play online Gladiator slot for free

Gladiator slot game

Gladiator slot game became very popular right after Playtech went public with it, ever since then it is still a huge hit amongst slot games players due to the fact that the prizes it offers are amazing and the bonuses are big and frequent.

The gladiator online slot start with a screen shot of the game but each bonus triggered offer bit and parts of the original movie. Also the symbols are famous characters from the movie and every win you make with a character will present it with a small animation from the movie.

Play Gladiator slot for real money

Gladiator slot game has been quite long in our top popular real money slot games, and we don't see it removed from there in the near future. Although new slot games are announced monthly, and although Gladiator online slot doesn't have the latest graphics or features, it is still, without a doubt a worthy competition to any of the latest slot games you could find.

The reason Gladiator slot is so popular is the fact that it is packing a set of bonus rounds that were years ahead of its time and still to this day pose a challenge to the latest word in online slot games industry. In gladiator slot you can win free spins, cash prizes and a massive jackpot. So just choose an online casino with a good bonus and go try your luck now!

Gladiator progressive jackpot

gladiator progressive jackpot

Successful land Great as this game was the guys at Playtech thought it was missing something. However they didn’t want to change anything with the way the game itself operates. So, they decided to add a huge jackpot.

In late October 2013, a lucky guy from UK got to enjoy the biggest payout gladiator progressive jackpot has ever given - a massive 2.37 million prize. Please note that you will not have a chance at this jackpot unless you play it for real money, so head over to one of the recommended casinos listed above, deposit and search for gladiator jackpot. You could be the next lucky guy to take home a million dollars minimum prize.

Gladiator slot game - full review

free gladiator slot game

The story behind:
The story behind this specific Gladiator slot games is the famous 2000 movie starring Russell Crowe , The movie by itself should be on your immediate watch list if you didn't see it yet. It is great.

The Gladiator slot game based on the movie have the same characters as the original movie, unlike other copycats later on that wanted a ride on the gladiator slot express, the original is far better than any of the sequences the other providers issued after PlayTech gladiator slot.

Gladiator slot - general information

Gladiator slot bonus

Card and symbols:
Gladiator slot games features 13 cards and symbols with a wild card (the gladiator helmet) a scatter (the coliseum) and other characters from the movie. The action takes place on 5 reels and 25 or 50 lines. Depends which version you prefer.

The graphics are not that great in comparison with what you can find nowadays with the true 3D Betsoft slots has to offer but they are still quite good, we found that the sound is annoying so we turned it down after 3 minutes.

The gladiator bonus:
The wild gladiator helmet appears only on the 3 middle reels: 2, 3, and 4. It can replace all other symbols needed to create winning pay lines in gladiator slot. Besides that, if you have one helmet symbol on each of the possible reels you will trigger a cash prize: 12 randomly distributed helmets, of bronze, silver or gold, each with cash prize.

Free spins:
The free spins offered by the gladiator online slot game is a little complicated and depends much on your luck. You get the free spins by collecting three or more coliseum scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. Once triggered you will have a screen with 4 rows, on each a different feature that will be available throughout the free spins.

The first row will determine how many free spins you will get, the second one will get you multiplier for the duration of the free spins, the third contain additional cards that will be transformed into scatters and the fourth row will set one additional symbol as a wild card that will replace all others. On each row you will be able to choose one tile to reveal your feature. On each row there one or more feature with collect on them which will take you to the free spins without moving to the next row.

The Gamble feature:
On each win made you have the possibility to gamble and double what you risk up to $5000. That is an extremely useful feature since it allows you to take a meaningless win (let's say %50 of the total bet) and turn it into a win that will cover you initially bet. Just pick a color of black or red and don't overdo it.

The Gladiator slot jackpot:
The Gladiator Jackpot is the total amount of bets made at any online casino of the playtech group, the largest sum ever paid by this great game's jackpot is a staggering £2,374,847.22 to a lucky winner from the UK, and maybe you will be next?

Gladiator slot - News and promotions

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