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Classic slot games

Classic Slot Games

Classic slots are the basic form of slot games, usually with one line and three reels. But in this section we will include all 3 reels slots. We have collected a large selection of classic slot games for you to choose from… if you prefer you could play the free demo with no download and registration needed, or try your luck with the best casino bonuses and the chance of winning a massive pay day.

Play classic slot games for free

3 reels slot games

Experienced slots player will definitely remember the old days, all we had were 3-reels slots usually featuring sevens and fruit symbols. Ever since the first slot machine was invented by Charles Fay slot games have enticed hundreds of players to try their luck to win the big one. You can try any free demo game below without any hassle and get the look and feel of them before committing any money.

Classic slots for real money

Real money Classic slots

The truth is that even though classic games have been pushed aside by the online casinos to show new online slot games that attract more players, many players still prefer to play only classic slots for real money, the reason is quite simple: Classic slot games are very simple to play, require less bankroll and can offer huge prizes in regard of the risk.

If you want to try putting money on a classic, head over to one of the recommended casinos and collect a first deposit bonus to play for real money, saying that - if you want to play for real money, you can find here the best online slot games with many features and higher payouts.

Classic progressive jackpots slots

Many of the simple slot games that offer a progressive jackpot are available only while playing for real money, usually you can trigger the jackpot by aligning special symbols on the same line.

Sure, there are more appealing progressive jackpots out there, such as the great marvel slot games collection, but let's not forget that many players have changed their lives collecting massive jackpots from classic slot machines.

For example, one of the most popular classic progressive jackpots games to this day is Gold Rally slot game. You can play it only for real money at one of the online casinos featuring Playtech slots.

How to play classic slot games

Playing a free demo version or for real money, the rules of classic slots are simple. You need to adjust the bet to your bankroll, spin the reels and the objective is to align symbols according to the payouts.

Any game has a pay table or an info button so you can learn which symbol combinations pays out and how much. There you can also find out what symbols will trigger the progressive jackpot and if you need a minimum bet to do it.

Before playing any real money slot games we strongly suggest to read the game review or try the free demo version and then search for the right casino to make the deposit, that way you could figure out the correct bankroll you will need. Whatever you do, don't play any real money slots with money you can't afford.

3-reels classic slots - news and promotions

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