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Playtech Slots

playtech slots

Playtech is one of the veterans providers in the industry, was funded in the late 90s and since then grew up to be one of the most popular sources of online slot games out there. Playtech software is available in many languages and is considered to be one of the safest providers out there. Ever Since the first years of the online casinos industry became Playtech slots have been standing on the first line providing hours of fun and entertainment world wide.

Play Playtech free slot games now!

Playtech slot games

play Playtech slots for real money

At the above online casinos you have nothing to worry about, just choose one and sign up. They support a huge range of deposit methods and the sign up doesn't take more than a few minutes, then you can really fill the thrill of spinning your way into riches.

Play Playtech slots online for free

That's the best thing about Playtech slots, almost every one of their online slot games is available in flash version and can be played from any PC we have selected the best free playtech slots for you to enjoy for free.

Please note that in the case you want to play with mobile devices you will unfortunately have limited flash support and can't do it if you are using the default setting of your mobile browser. We have found a way to play from android tablets by fooling the browser it was a desktop device and we will publish it soon enough.

And as we said, ALMOST every slot games by playtech have a free fun version, but you need to exclude some progressive jackpot slot games that can be found and played only in real money accounts. Or if you really fancy a very old game that Playtech casinos decided to remove from their servers.

Playtech slot games

Identifying Playtech online slot games

Playtech slots have a very distinct feel and look to them; every Playtech slots have a similar structure of the interactive bottom bar, built in the following manner:

Playtech online slot games

Almost every one of them have an "info" button on the bottom left corner that will reveal all the information needed in order to play, including the available pay lines, special features, free spins and cash prizes.

Followed by the setting of the total bet per spin including the pay lines button - where you can choose how many lines will be active for a win, then in most of the recent Playtech slots come our favorite button, the "auto spin" - here you will be able to choose to play a given number of automated spin or even until a feature/bonus is triggered, the auto spin until feature is unique for Playtech slots and we didn't see it anywhere else.

Some online slot games by Playtech also give the opportunity to activate a special feature such as expanding wilds or the power ball progressive jackpot, usually when activating those special features you will be charged for a little more on every spin.

play slot games by playtech

A new feature by playtech is the possibility to run every spin on turbo mode, we first saw this feature in Wolverine slot game and we used it all the time- all it does is save you a few seconds of the display of your winning per spin. A few second that can accumulate to a few hours for the savvy and loyal player. Most important, the spin button usually found on the bottom right corner of the screen.

And last but not least, if you are bored with the game you are playing, at the top bar of any playtech slots you will be able to play another game without leaving the page or open a new one. The slot game you choose just override the one you just played.

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